Toddler 2 Program

The Toddler 2 program continues to build on your child's development. Here they will continue to explore, interact, and build lifelong skills. Your child will continue to experience structured activities, free choice, and group and individual activities. The Toddler 2 program is the second part of the two-year toddler program. During the Toddler 2 program we will also concentrate on toilet training skills. Creative Kids Club provides diapers, wipes, nap time cots, books, toys, an AM and PM snack, and a daily lunch as part of the child's tuition.

By completion of the Toddler 2 program the children will learn the following skills…

24 to 36 Months

Emotional Development
Identify and deal with feelings and emotions appropriate to developmental level
Engage in experiences that lead to success, building a positive sense of self worth
Express emotions both negative and positive
Show independence and accomplishing tasks on their own
Realize their own skills
Show appropriate actions with feelings
Social Development
Learn to take turns, share and play cooperatively, most of the time
Assisting with tasks of cleaning up, passing out things, and helping others
Recognize emotions in others
Understand "mine" and "yours"
Physical Development
Gross Motor
Catch, throw, bounce, and kick a ball (left or right)
Execute climbing on, over, and under objects
Perform simple motor skills such as stand on one foot, walk evenly, run, jump in place, forward, and from short height
Fine Motor
Established hand preference (left or right)
Touch, see and label various textures
Assisting with dressing and undressing themselves
Demonstrate eating properly with a spoon and cup
Able to scribble with markers, crayons, chalk and pencils
Cognitive Development
Concept Development
Being in the process of or have completed toilet training
Assist with preparation of daily routines
Begin to make their own classification
Reason from effect to cause
Understand some directional words (up, down, behind, over and under)
Understand concepts of some, more, gone, big, now, soon, before and after
Use and focus on one attribute (red car)
Begin to classify and label objects
Use demonstrative naming of objects, point to and label objects, associating the object and word
Think one action is like another action
Oral and Written Language
Speak in two and three word sentences (sometimes larger)
Use recurrence in their speech
Use plurals correctly and incorrectly (e.g. foots) and use past tense (e.g. he hitted the ball)
Omit function words in their speech
Use words differently at different times
Reading Readiness
Learn word order
Select and listen to stories and "read" picture story books
Enjoy picture books and story books child has selected
Developmental Checklist – 24 to 36 Months
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