Pre-Kindergarten Program

Creative Kids Club's Pre-Kindergarten program is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Creative Kids Club provides nap time cots, books, toys, an AM and PM snack, and a daily lunch as part of the child's tuition.

4 to 5 years

Emotional Development
Develop self-respect and confidence
Social Development
Differentiate between wants and needs
Appreciate other cultures
Recognize personal interests
Recognize differences among people and families
Recognize and observe the needs for rules
Develop respect for others
Have experience in and knowledge about the community and helpers
Introduced to new cultures and places around the world
Learn acceptable behaviors in society
Demonstrate courtesy as a listener and a speaker
Physical Development
Gross Motor
Use various types of equipment for large muscle development
Practice simple motor skills in games and activities
Perform simple gymnastics
Practice ball skills
Explore various movements through rhythmic activities
Explore and participate in various activities and simple games
Balance and hop on one foot
Fine Motor
Hold a pair of scissors correctly to snip, fringe, cut straight lines, etc.
Draw from observation of things in the environment
In additions to copying a triangle, copy a square and a circle
Build a tower of ten blocks
Cognitive Development
Concept Development
Develop left to right sequence skills
Understand the difference between reality and fantasy
Participate in individual and cooperative learning activities
Understand and respond to opposites
Organize objects and information into categories
Identify a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, diamond and a heart
Introduction to recognizing geometric patterns
Problem solve using daily living situations including sorting, classification and measurement
Understand the concept of matching objects
Name all the colors
Oral and Written Language
Develop good listening skills
Recognize, say and write first name
Listen to and follow a series of two step directions
Participate in simple discussions
Give personal information
Use complete sentences in conversation
Develop vocabulary to describe and express themselves
Reading Readiness
Recognize, name and print most upper case and some lower case letters
Enjoy picture books, magazines and story books
Listen to nursery rhymes and fairy tales to develop appreciation of literature
Listen to stories, comprehend and predict events in sequence
Communicate ideas and feelings through drawings and writing
Retell familiar stories with correct sequence
Compose an original story by dictation and then "read" it to others
Recite poems and finger plays
Identify and observe some basic needs of plant life
Use a balance to compare the weight of two objects
Learn about different climates and parts of the country
Identify and observe some basic weather changes and select clothing and activities appropriate to the weather
Develop the five senses
Have a basic understanding of health and good foods and their importance
Identify some visible body parts and their functions
Classify foods by taste
Learn that some plants are important food sources, but others are harmful
Identify objects using only one sense at a time
Recognize and print numerals 1 to 20
Rote count from 1 to 20
Sequence number from 1 to 20
Count backwards from 10
Recognize what numbers come before or after another number
Being introduced to recognizing number patterns
Establish one-to-one correspondence through matching members of equivalent sets
Art, Music and Movement
Being introduced to various painting media and techniques
Being introduced to the spectrum of colors
Experience the tactile quality of clay
Draw a human figure with major body parts
Experience different art medium to "create"
Recognize and perform rhythms through listening, singing, moving, marching and playing classroom rhythm instruments
Learn to use their singing voice to sing a variety of songs
Developmental Checklist – 4 to 5 years
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