• Creative Kids Club Advantage Comparison Form
  • Use this form to compare Creative Kids Club with other centers you have visited and to help make Creative Kids Club your choice.

  • Enrollment Application
  • Ready to enroll! Download the enrollment form, complete it, and email or fax it to the center at (610) 866-7706.

  • Agreement for Child Care Services
  • Next step in the enrollment process, download the agreement for child care services, complete it, and email or fax it to the center.

  • Child Health Assessment
  • You have 30 days from the day your child begins at Creative Kids Club to submit his or her health assessment to the center. But why wait? Download the form here and send it to your health care provider for completion. Your provider can email or fax the form to the center.

  • Prescription Medication & Special Diet Form
  • This document should be completed by the parent and given to the team members in the child program area whenever it is necessary to administer a prescription to a child during the child care day. The medication must also be in the original container with the child's name and the expiration date of the medication clearly marked. This document should also be used when the child needs to be served a special diet that is requested by the parent.

  • Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
  • Non-Prescription Medication Administration & Authorization Form
  • If you would like Creative Kids Club to administer any type of non-prescription medication, you will need to provide written authorization from your health care provider. Please download this form and send it along with the health assessment form to your health care provider.

  • Electronic Tuition Payment Authorization Form
  • Never worry about paying tuition at Creative Kids Club! Download our electronic tuition payment authorization form and never worry again! We can deduct your child's weekly tuition from either your savings or checking account, or we can charge your debit or credit card. Tuition is due the Friday before services are rendered. Creative Kids Club processes electronic payments on Wednesday, and the money is transferred into our bank account on Friday morning. You're on time, and you avoid the hassles of remembering to write a check or bringing your debit/credit card on Friday to pay your tuition.

  • Photography Authorization Form
  • It is important that you tell us if you want your child photographed while participating in activities or if you want to maintain your privacy by having us avoid including your child in the photography. Please download this form and let us know your preference.

Professional Discount

If you are employed by a business located in LVIP IV, LVIP V, along Janidl Blvd, or along Hanoverville Road, you are eligible for a discount on your child's tuition if you meet the criteria for the discount.

*may not be combined with any other discounts offered by Creative Kids Club