Quality Child Care Checklist

  • Part I - The Physical Center
    1. Is the center licensed? If yes, by whom?
    2. What is the center's licensed capacity? How many are actually in attendance? Does there appear to be enough room?
    3. Is the center clean and organized?
    4. Are the equipment and program area age appropriate?
    5. Is the equipment maintained and in good condition?
    6. Is the center attractive?
    7. Is there an outdoor playground? Does it have appropriate equipment? Is it safe?
  • Part II - The Daily Program
    1. Are the child's activities well-planned and organized?
    2. Does the program provide for the child's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development?
    3. Does the program offer a variety of activities?
    4. Does the program have large and small group activities?
    5. Is there a balance between structured and unstructured activities?
    6. Do the children receive individualized attention?
    7. Is the children's art work displayed and available to parents?
    8. Does the program make the parents aware of the child's activities?
    9. Does the program offer field trips and special events?
    10. Does the center offer nutritious meals and snacks?
  • Part III - The Child Care Professionals
    1. Are the child care professionals trained and experienced for appropriate age groups?
    2. Are the child care professionals provided with continuing education programs related to early childhood development?
    3. Do the child care professionals receive regular training in first aid and fire safety?
    4. Do the child care professionals appear to be warm, considerate, and caring?
    5. Do the child care professionals encourage children to express themselves?
  • Part IV - Parent Involvement
    1. Does the center meet with the parents periodically?
    2. Are parents welcome to visit or contact the center at any time?
    3. Does the center conduct periodic parent/teacher conferences?
    4. Are parents opinions and needs considered in center planning?
  • Part V - Other Important Issues
    1. Is the center's parent handbook comprehensive and easy to understand?
    2. What are the center's emergency procedures?
    3. What types of insurance does the center carry?
    4. What are the fee schedules?
    5. What is the center's mission?