Before & After School Program Aide

The hours for this position vary based on the needs of the center.
  • Qualifications:
      An aide shall have attained one of the following qualification levels:
    1. A high school diploma or a general educational development certificate.
    2. A minimum of an 8th grade education and enrollment in a training curriculum described at § 3270.31(c) (relating to age and training). The classroom training portion of the curriculum shall be completed. Documentation of completion of classroom training and continuing enrollment in the training curriculum shall be included in the staff person’s file.
    3. A minimum of an 8th grade education and 2 years of experience with children.
  • Key Responsibilities:
    1. To interact, initiate and encourage the children in the activities during the day.
    2. To help the children control behavior using a positive, appropriate approach; making sure that the techniques are consistent.
    3. To provide nurturing, but to help the children become independent.
    4. To promote integral learning during meal times; to help the children learn appropriate social skills.
    5. To maintain good communication with parents and to make each parent feel at ease at the center.
    6. To assist the teacher in planning activities for the group and to offer suggestions and information about the children.
    7. To develop a cooperative and supportive attitude within the classroom.
    8. To assist the teacher in record keeping by passing on observations regarding the children's health, behavior and development.
    9. To attend monthly staff meetings and weekly lunch discussions.
    10. To aid the teacher in the maintenance of the classroom as a clean, organized and interesting place for the children to spend time.
  • Reporting Relationships:
    1. Reports to the head teacher in regards to all happenings within the classroom (curriculum, daily sheets etc. . .)
    2. Reports to the director in matters of school related inquiries.
  • Limits of Authority:
    1. Must have prior permission to: Change planned activities; change of work hours; setting up meetings with parents; express a viewpoint contrary to the Lead Teacher's viewpoint.
  • Requirements:
    1. A high school diploma or a general educational development certificate.
    2. Ability to relate joyfully and sensitively to children.
    3. Evidence of enough security and judgment to handle a crisis situation.
    4. Evidence of emotional maturity and stability.
    5. Sensitivity to children's individual needs.
    6. Ability to use appropriate and positive discipline.
    7. Dependability
    8. Flexibility
  • Must Provide the following documents prior to commencing employment:
    1. Health Assessment/ TB Test
    2. PA DHS Child Abuse Clearance
    3. PA State Police Clearance
    4. FBI Fingerprint Clearance
    5. Proof of Education/ copy of diploma/copy of transcripts
    6. Two Reference letters
    7. Mandated Reporter Online training
  • Time Commitment:
  • 8-10 Hours per day depending on scheduling and Center's needs
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Creative Kids Club is an equal opportunity early childhood education center. Admissions, provision of services, and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, or sex.