Center Director

  • Qualifications:
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services requires that the Center Director has attained one of the following qualification levels:
    1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education, or human services field and 1 year of experience with children; or
    2. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, including 30 credit hours in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education, or the human services field and 2 years of experience with children
  • Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Center Director are divided into nine areas: Licensing, Team Supervision, Registration, Programs, Special Concerns, Finances, Client Relations, Curriculum Development for Child Care Division. Center Director reports to the CEO and President of the organization.

  1. Licensing
    • Apply for and receive the license from the PA Department of Public Welfare.
    • Assure and maintain standards in accordance with the Commonwealth’s regulations.
    • Insure that the center is prepared for all inspections by the PA Department of Public Welfare.
    • Comply with recommendations made by such inspections, and inform proper authorities of compliance in writing.
    • Insure that regular/fire emergency drills are held at the center.
  2. Team Supervision
    • Recruit, interview, and hire qualified staff.
    • Schedule and insure that each new member receives a thorough orientation.
    • Maintain employment files on all team members at the center.
    • Maintain appropriate adult-to-child ratio in all program areas and reduce staff where appropriate when enrollment or attendance are down.
    • Conduct monthly team meeting with the teachers from each program area. The purpose of the meetings is to update the team regarding center policies and procedures and to address any issues the team may have at that time.
    • Organize and conduct any appropriate in-service training for the team.
    • Prepare and conduct annual performance evaluations on each team member.
    • Develop and implement team work schedules.
  3. Registration
    • Advertise for enrollment and promote the services of the center.
    • Conduct tours of the center for prospective clients.
    • Follow up on all tours to assure that prospective clients do not have any questions or concerns; and to encourage enrollment in the center.
    • Maintain control sheets of all registered clients.
    • Set up new client accounts.
    • Review and maintain all client accounts.
  4. Program
    • Assure that team members are performing day to day functions of each program area.
    • Review the lesson plans developed by the teachers for each program area.
    • Organize parties, programs, and other special events throughout the year.
    • Plan and conduct fund raisers as needed.
    • Prepare and distribute the annual calendar of events for the center.
  5. Special Concerns
    • Work with teachers and parents to accommodate the special needs of an individual child.
    • Maintain networking with other child care professionals, recommending to parents referrals to specialists as deemed necessary.
    • Remain alert to signs of child abuse or neglect, reporting suspected cases as prescribed.
  6. Finances
    • Review accounts receivable and notify delinquent accounts on a weekly basis.
    • Collect weekly tuition from clients.
    • Review, approve and purchase all supplies and materials for the center.
  7. Client Relations
    • Prepare and distribute monthly newsletters to the parents that highlight the center’s activities and provides information about child development.
    • Distribute semi-annual quality surveys to the parents.
  8. Curriculum Development for Child Care Division
    • Develop curriculum and lesson plans to be used by all programs.
    • Evaluate curriculum and lesson plans used by all programs.
    • Recommend revisions to existing curriculum and lesson plans used by all programs.
    • Test new ideas and concepts in teaching in all program areas.
  • Must Provide the following documents prior to commencing employment:
    1. Health Assessment/ TB Test
    2. PA DHS Child Abuse Clearance
    3. PA State Police Clearance
    4. FBI Fingerprint Clearance
    5. Proof of Education/ copy of diploma/copy of transcripts
    6. Two Reference letters
    7. Mandated Reporter Online training
  • Time Commitment:
  • 40-45 Hours per week
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Creative Kids Club is an equal opportunity early childhood education center. Admissions, provision of services, and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, or sex.